Her Name was Beautiful

she was flawless at first glance
A wonder
A once in a lifetime kind of chance
A woman that would compliment any man
Her name was Beautiful
Her two best friends
Innocence & Kindness
had in their minds
That they were going to hook up Beautiful with a good man this time
They first picked Handsome & friends
To go on a group date
Handsome was feeling Beautiful
So he brought his confident friends Pride & Arrogance
So they could entertain Kindness & Innocence
Pride wasn’t feeling Innocence
So they really didn’t click
And Kindness thought Arrogance
Was really kind of a dick
After a couple hours Kindness decided to leave
She couldn’t believe Handsome had friend like these
A week later…
Beautiful & Innocence met
With their childhood friend Low-Self Esteem
These three met Handsome & his posse
At a club called Bad Dreams
Pride loves Low-Self Esteem because she is easy to manipulate
And Innocence was fed up because Arrogance she could not tolerate
So Beautiful started asking Handsome questions
Which Pride wouldn’t allow him to answer
And Arrogance was over Innocence
So we know how that date went
Beautiful started to live with Low-Self Esteem after a couple months
The two of them were really hanging tough
And since she stopped kicking it with Innocence
These last couple of weeks
Beautiful made some enemies in Jealousy & Envy
Especially when she started dating Good-Looking
Beautiful knew that Jealousy
Really liked Good-Looking
But his friend Smooth Talker was charming Low-Self Esteem
So this gave Beautiful an idea to hook up Good-Looking’s cousin
Named Liar with her home girl she sees every couple months
Named Depression
But Depression was too promiscuous
She was fucking Liar and Bad Decisions
And she hung out with Second-Guessing
Who was sleeping with Bad Decisions friend Empty-Relationships
So since Beautiful was hanging with Low-Self Esteem, Depression and Second-Guessing
She became attracted to leader of Bad Decisions & Empty-Relationships
This cat named Conflict
Beautiful and Conflict got the attention of the Gang of Rumors
And their ringleader Two-Cents
Teaming up with Jealous & Envy
These three polluted the block with thick clouded Resentment
Beautiful can’t see pass her friends chosen mistakes
Wondering “is this all that is left for me?”
“Will I end up with a man like Liar who is now with my friend Low-Self Esteem
Or will I end up like my girl Depression?”
Oh how she loves misery & poor company
But only fucks with Bad-Decisions
Because Second-Guessing
Keeps going back to Empty-Relationships
Low-Self Esteem tells Beautiful she needs to put on make-up to impress Conflict
And Depression says “We need companionship
So I will sleep with Bad-Decisions
So you can stay with Conflict”
And the Gang of Rumors spread because Envy is dating Two-Cents
And Beautiful is now lost without her old friends
Kindness & Innocence
Because they are back home dating Simple’s friends
Simple tried to talk to Beautiful a long time ago
But Beautiful didn’t want Simple
She wanted more
She wanted the status quo
And Handsome had more muscles
She lost a good friend in Kindness
Because Kindness was smart enough to know
“You are who you hang around with the most”
And since Arrogance & Pride did nothing but brag & boast
Handsome had to be pretty damn close
She tried to introduce Beautiful to Simple
But she had already made her choice
Beautiful was her own women
She was strong and had her own voice
But Kindness knew Handsome was nothing but a boy
Innocence didn’t get it until her time with Arrogance
And without those two as her sounding board
Her future relationships were evident
The friends she hung with were her mirror’s reflection
Beautiful would settle for Conflict
Just because she hung out with Depression
Which brought on Second-Guessing, Bad-Decisions
And Empty-Relationship of degradation
For Beautiful to be happy she must mend her friendships
With Kindness & Innocence
So she can open her heart to a Simple man again
Whose best friends are Encouraging & Entertaining
All of them holding “the nice guy” brand
Simple reminds Beautiful she’s too gorgeous for all that make-up
That she’s way too perfect to settle for Conflict
And her friend Low-Self Esteem is the start of her problem
once she cut her off
Second-Guessing stop calling
And Depression just disappeared
All of a sudden Jealousy & Envy
Beautiful couldn’t hear
Beautiful fail in love with Simple
Because he encouraged her innocence and her kindness he entertained
He simply told her she was unmatched
That she be mounted in a frame
Her friends were Innocence & Kindness
But Beautiful was her name


15 Minutes to Live

I was born in 1980 /a san diego baby/ hatched from a womb one day late/ becuz with the outside world i refuse to relate/ my mom wanted a girl/ but her wish came with her bottom lip/ and with his father’s top

i came out running/ always racing something/ graduated high school in tustin/i left the west coast orange county long jump champion/ just to end up in atlanta, georgia/ i never lived so close to the forest

i smoked a lot a mary jane/ to ease the shock of the culture change/ more material to fill my page/ more bills  came with age/ deeply entrenched in the rat race/ living check to check day to day/ searching for a better way/one side said it would be better to wait/but thats the reason they live in the same state of faith/ neglecting self reflection in every way

so before i leave/ let me give you the best advice given to me

….”Work harder on yourself than you do on your J.O.B”…

..and Treasures are reserved for those who SEEK..

{So Seek!!!}