My Opinions Part: Zero

Some of these words come from within
but some these words fall from a infinite amount space and matter
Surpassing all telecommunication patterns
Of chatter that advertises to the masses
While little Judy is up in classes

Mr. Mike Murdock is counting up his assets

The American economy clasps
Meltdown in the housing bracket
Bailouts to the Bastards that drafted it
Now mom is worry about her grandkids
Hoping change will come with a black president
In my opinion the election is irrelevant
If most of this stems from the lack of financial intelligence

To better understand myself
I look at the cards I was dealt
Picturing a swift victory
But realizing three cards I did not need
Particularly these
The ones I want
I guess that the way life is huh?
Making sacrifices to gain greater advantage
Planting seeds in the garden to grow annual cabbage
To live far beyond just managing
Or to just get by
Looking at my life in a different light for my own good
To be a living example for my old hood
You have to walk it to talk it
You have to been through it to prove it
But first things first I must just do it
I have thought about this more times than I should
But I seems to all good
Because before building a city you must first tear down the woods


On My Droid (Pt. 2)

Fist clinched
thumbs tap dance
motorola screens
to nobodies
i guess i’m just…
Talking to me.
Hope comes from constant belief.
Won stroke of genius
On digital sheets
positions me
above mediocrity
writing a Hip Hop odyssey
of pure unadulterated…
Exploring the leaps of those be
fore me
studying the verbal
displayed on early
after late night open mics sessions
street light Fluorescence
provide illumination
For our free will to express
Our expression
of peace and frustration
our goals and our transgressions
and every thing is at my fingertips
one thought away from entering in
info into intangible infrastructures
invented invertly inside artificial intelligence
only to hold the details of my intellect
and occasionally surf the internet
and having brief conversations with relatives

My Dirty Laundry

If you could read my mind
you would find
A manuscript that was
one of a kind
With a DAMUnique design
I’m not one of those guys
Looking for a lady with nice thighs and giant big behind
Even though that would be a plus!!!!
Filling me with lust
Wanting to put my stuff
into her stuff
Letting my imagination run muck
But let me be blunt
That’s not what I came here to talk about_____

I got a couple things I need to get off my chest
Some things make me laugh
some things make mad
Some things just cause me to stress
How can I say it the best
My life has been a big crummy mess
Addicted to controlled substances
I never like taking bath so you can smell how musty I gets
Feening for pornographic practicing sexual absentinance
while I was married 4 and half years
So you can see how much that made sense
I had three wishes but none on those bitches came true
My current religion is mixed with witch doctoring and voo-doo
Just last week I summoned a tornado and got a typhoon
This week I wanted a black cat but ended up with a raccoon

As you can see my mind hasn’t been working correctly
My body’s saying let’s sleep
we’ll wake up early next week
My flesh is weak so I give in daily
Measuring my success with last year’s best
A victim of self inflicted stress
I choice to be poor this is not America’s mess
Under the burden of not trying to be a conformant
Conforming to the ways
useless time is being spent
My inner world is split
One side won’t repent
Loving the scent of Newport cigarettes
After getting off some wet clitoris

My spiritual life is dormant
So my zeal for sin is enormous
Sometimes when I walk into church
I feel like a tourist
Looking at the legs of Deloris
Smelling like fresh orchids
from the local florist
Asking myself how long will I endure this?
The Word of God
is not the only thing I’m ignoring
Bill collectors can’t wake me up from my snoring
Repo man comes
and takes it in the morning
Because I couldn’t afford it
Because I rather spend my time up in orbit
Taking mid-day flights
racking up frequent lie around miles

I should have known by now
I am a product of strong women
But got to use to taking instead of giving
So I don’t look at responsibility as a privilege
I look at it as kid looks at spinach
“I’ll eating but I don’t have to taste it” Yuk!!
Another case of bad luck
But stuck
knowing the truth
That responsibility builds character
like the awareness of terrorist in 2002
Trying so hard to be different
Rules of life I keep skipping them
Only to move on with this shortcut
Short lived and short coming of this self inflicted miss education
I’ve analyzed my behavior
And I find it disappointing like Owner of Oakland Raiders

I almost lost my train of thought
In the reality of the actuality
Of this same old song
Smoking out of a bong
Getting my high on
Till the crack of dawn
Triggering my morning yawn
I’ve been here more than two times before
With the same losing score

When it rains it storms
And pouring ain’t the half of it I use to laugh at this

But I don’t know what this is
So understanding is not yet present
Of course this would happen to me
Someone that just hit his thirties
Smoking away my honest living
Calling on mommy
For a place to lay my head
Of the Salvation Army
With the literally starving
I have nowhere to go so let’s chat on where I’ve been
and then we will have a complete picture on why I never win

Proverbs 31 (Beauty)

is what her name is
Breath taking
Heart quaking
Attention taking

one of a kind
always on my mind
so elegant
so divine
it must be a crime
to be so Godly fine
three sixty five
It’s her smile
That brightens up my life
like sunshine
It’s her eyes
that mesmerize…
like the sight
of a city skyline
Perfect Dime
is her Sign

She the type women
that your Dreams
have dreams of…
like Folgers in your cup
she is the best part of waking up
she is my favorite drug
selling all my stuff
so i can afford just a little bit
of her
she is my
1st and 15th
of the month
A women
that every man would
someone to kick it wit
during those
4th down punts

Good Conversation
Child like Imagination
with ah..
Curious Fascination
with Goals
and ah..
Specific Destination
she is adjacent to greatness
with a
God-like Patience

Warmth and Love
is the Atmosphere
she creates
she seeks The Will of The Father
unlike the Faithless
advising her children
on the narrow path
they should be taking
A virtuous women
is so amazing
moment spent with another
just time wasted

A Good Woman
is like a
Good Foundation
once again…

A Good Woman

is like


Good Foundation

that’s why the virtues
of a Proverbs 31 Women
are so contagious
and “Pure Beauty”
is what her name is

Her Name was Beautiful

she was flawless at first glance
A wonder
A once in a lifetime kind of chance
A woman that would compliment any man
Her name was Beautiful
Her two best friends
Innocence & Kindness
had in their minds
That they were going to hook up Beautiful with a good man this time
They first picked Handsome & friends
To go on a group date
Handsome was feeling Beautiful
So he brought his confident friends Pride & Arrogance
So they could entertain Kindness & Innocence
Pride wasn’t feeling Innocence
So they really didn’t click
And Kindness thought Arrogance
Was really kind of a dick
After a couple hours Kindness decided to leave
She couldn’t believe Handsome had friend like these
A week later…
Beautiful & Innocence met
With their childhood friend Low-Self Esteem
These three met Handsome & his posse
At a club called Bad Dreams
Pride loves Low-Self Esteem because she is easy to manipulate
And Innocence was fed up because Arrogance she could not tolerate
So Beautiful started asking Handsome questions
Which Pride wouldn’t allow him to answer
And Arrogance was over Innocence
So we know how that date went
Beautiful started to live with Low-Self Esteem after a couple months
The two of them were really hanging tough
And since she stopped kicking it with Innocence
These last couple of weeks
Beautiful made some enemies in Jealousy & Envy
Especially when she started dating Good-Looking
Beautiful knew that Jealousy
Really liked Good-Looking
But his friend Smooth Talker was charming Low-Self Esteem
So this gave Beautiful an idea to hook up Good-Looking’s cousin
Named Liar with her home girl she sees every couple months
Named Depression
But Depression was too promiscuous
She was fucking Liar and Bad Decisions
And she hung out with Second-Guessing
Who was sleeping with Bad Decisions friend Empty-Relationships
So since Beautiful was hanging with Low-Self Esteem, Depression and Second-Guessing
She became attracted to leader of Bad Decisions & Empty-Relationships
This cat named Conflict
Beautiful and Conflict got the attention of the Gang of Rumors
And their ringleader Two-Cents
Teaming up with Jealous & Envy
These three polluted the block with thick clouded Resentment
Beautiful can’t see pass her friends chosen mistakes
Wondering “is this all that is left for me?”
“Will I end up with a man like Liar who is now with my friend Low-Self Esteem
Or will I end up like my girl Depression?”
Oh how she loves misery & poor company
But only fucks with Bad-Decisions
Because Second-Guessing
Keeps going back to Empty-Relationships
Low-Self Esteem tells Beautiful she needs to put on make-up to impress Conflict
And Depression says “We need companionship
So I will sleep with Bad-Decisions
So you can stay with Conflict”
And the Gang of Rumors spread because Envy is dating Two-Cents
And Beautiful is now lost without her old friends
Kindness & Innocence
Because they are back home dating Simple’s friends
Simple tried to talk to Beautiful a long time ago
But Beautiful didn’t want Simple
She wanted more
She wanted the status quo
And Handsome had more muscles
She lost a good friend in Kindness
Because Kindness was smart enough to know
“You are who you hang around with the most”
And since Arrogance & Pride did nothing but brag & boast
Handsome had to be pretty damn close
She tried to introduce Beautiful to Simple
But she had already made her choice
Beautiful was her own women
She was strong and had her own voice
But Kindness knew Handsome was nothing but a boy
Innocence didn’t get it until her time with Arrogance
And without those two as her sounding board
Her future relationships were evident
The friends she hung with were her mirror’s reflection
Beautiful would settle for Conflict
Just because she hung out with Depression
Which brought on Second-Guessing, Bad-Decisions
And Empty-Relationship of degradation
For Beautiful to be happy she must mend her friendships
With Kindness & Innocence
So she can open her heart to a Simple man again
Whose best friends are Encouraging & Entertaining
All of them holding “the nice guy” brand
Simple reminds Beautiful she’s too gorgeous for all that make-up
That she’s way too perfect to settle for Conflict
And her friend Low-Self Esteem is the start of her problem
once she cut her off
Second-Guessing stop calling
And Depression just disappeared
All of a sudden Jealousy & Envy
Beautiful couldn’t hear
Beautiful fail in love with Simple
Because he encouraged her innocence and her kindness he entertained
He simply told her she was unmatched
That she be mounted in a frame
Her friends were Innocence & Kindness
But Beautiful was her name

the hopeful realMANtic

By: DAM!unique

What am i suppose to do?
with this
easy to forgive
selfless part of me
that is so eager to give
a mid week gift
forehead kiss
mixed with passion & a dash of innocence
i often wonder
what do i suppose to do with this
so i don’t look so needy or desperate
do i
put up a series of test and questions
to see
who might qualify
or who fits the best
for my thoughtful expressions
or do I
let the eyes do the selecting
getting beauty misrepresented
by not looking pass skin deep
knowing me
i will get bored if the conversation isn’t mentality
but i must do something with these
words of encouragement
not just bury them beneath years of embarrassment
from countless years of rejection
because the nice guy never wins
i have to use this touch of nourishment
i got a massage that will wash away life’s turbulence
i can’t help but to use my ear to listen in
on how your day went
& how your free time was spent
what’s your biggest goal? your deepest wish?
what’s your darkest desire? the perfect gift?
my friends say I’m too sensitive
but correction
I’m a realMANtic
i have feelings that forces me to meet my partners
i believe if i stay proactive
she will never be unhappy
with a natural sense of humor
i will always keep her laughing
and with my strict attention to detail
i will have her forever climaxing
i ask again
 what am i suppose to do?
until the right one comes through
someone who can handle me being true
open and totally honest
one who can believe in this promise
i am a man with only one intention
to be with one women with spunk and ambition
a queen with a dream a goal a purpose a lofty vision
but what am i suppose to do?
when most women believe a good man is hard to find
but i stop counting how many times i tried
to approach a female just to attempt to say hi
just to get shot down and for them to roll they eyes
do you know what that does to my pride
i brush it off it’s because my wrist
don’t shine
or it’s because when i open my mouth
you say i sound white
now what am i suppose to do with these
22 weeks
of cooking classes
the only reason I’m even asking
is because delivering breakfast in bed is one of my passions
i have learned 33 ways to prepare pancakes
that will truly make her lips shake
after she finishes her plate
i can’t wait
to see how her lips taste
eating and munching right through her lace
got her hips trembling like 808 bass
swimming in her Cash Rules Everything Around Me
I’m a Bad Boy waiting for her Mase
if this were a cucci eating contest
I’d be in first place
i need to do something
with this raging sensation
but there are a few stipulations
she must be happy and have a hobby
excluding television and things like shopping
And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with TV and shopping
But there is more to life than
“TV and Shopping”
she must be independent and I’m not talking politics
but she must understand what executive orders are and what quantitative easing is
If not..
she’s always learning
her intelligence is forever increasing
because she always reading
always believing
in future achievements & double teaming
there are better days
ahead for two heads
of a chess game
well played
out of the comfort zone
we escape
foreign landscapes
to sitting
still in Chesapeake Lake
off in the horizon feeding each other grapes
about our past mistakes
because living with a endless amount of hugs
feels so great
euphoria is our constant
of mind
my greatest memory
will be our first time
so in tune with each other
our hearts beat at the same time
she will be my
at anytime
she will complete me
encourage me
to reach my peak
correct me
in my speech
anytime we would beef
i would lose sleep
because i would be
a hand written card asking
her to forgive me
with pop up letters and her favorite cartoon character in origami
because with her beside me
i feel nothing can stop me
she will be gentle kind hearted with a walk that is mean
because her 6 inch pump collection is every girls dream
she’ll make a brother want to double his salary
change tax brackets
but is there any women out there
worthy to have it
i want to give my heart away
but who will treat it right?
if you know of a dynamic women
please drop me a line

The Century Experience (100 Days)

What is the meaning of this 100 day experiment?

Well to be completely honest this was not my idea but my homey Gboymah started doing this three years ago. Every time he did one it was quite inspiring. He is almost done with his third one and I can’t help to want to start my own.

The purpose for the 100 days is to focus and record everyday progress. It’s a three month in depth look at my habits, my attitude, my enviroment and my commitment. To many people this would seem unnessesary but if there was something that you desired to accomplish or pursue; why not give yourself a period of time to “Give It Your All. The results of my friend Gboymah shocks him each time. He uses a method of measuring “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” at the end of each month. He takes notes to better his productivity. Then he puts in is something like two minutes at the end of the day and maybe ten minutes at the end of the week. By the end of thirty days Gboymah might spend a half hour to a full hour to reflect on his actions and behaviors. Now, this not a new process because I do this in my head all the time in my head. Which does not have the benefits of capturing the daily events of paper.

So it’s my turn to buy a empty composition book and start my own 100 day challenge. I will focus my 100 days on Health and Time Management which I struggle with daily to stay consistent. I know a number of other areas in my life that need tuning up but I feel these will be a good foundation of many accomplishment to come.

Every successful person I have ever read about has had a recreational routine plus a keen grasp of their time. I just read a few days ago about a executive who said he would never give a project to a person with nothing but time because this person will not be pressed to get anything done. But a person with a full schedule is the perfect candidate for an important task because he or she will dedicate the needed time to complete the project.

My second primary focus will be to improve my health by working out and changing my current diet. The greatest mind can not do anything without the body being at peak performance. I look at all the people I look up to and everyone of them have a workout ritual or a personal trainer. They all run marathons or they’re involved with some extreme sport. I enjoy rock climbing and love doing parkour. I am very convinced that there is always time to improve yourself. Any that says they don’t have time to pick up a book or jog around the block has mismanaged their lives. But the cool thing about human is We can reorganize our thoughts and actions to improve our results at any time. Hence, The Century Experience or 100 Days of Improvement.

Well folks stay tuned… Monday the 28th will be Day 1..this will be fun…I hope 🙂

Creative Insanity

By: DAM!unique

Engaged into the pathways of extraordinary behaviors
Major league favors pass over the neighbors
only to rumble on these global media players
banking cartels are giving out all the orders
murders pile up on international boarders
Nickles sold for dimes
Dimes sold for quarters
The rich get enrichment
the poor get more disorders
prescribed prescriptions
knowing that they can’t afford’em
no wonder there are long lines
for super size fries
and a microwave life
millions sold on instant gratification
never putting in the time
for preparation
The top percent of the generation are some close friends of mine
the wisdom we get
expands over many lifetimes
the question that goes through our mind
is Why?
won’t they don’t get it
the information free
why haven’t they read it
A case of mental sickness
can’t even call the paramedics
My mentor told me “Don’t sign up for that class”
Paraphrasing: Homey don’t sweat it
So I’m
Courageously holding on to my blessing
From the everyday pourings
wide open
forever exploring
Eager to thank my source of joy
every single morning
piercing sunshine adapts to the shadowed room
feeling moments out of the womb
Eyes still consumed with imagines
recent dreams
laughter comes over me
divorcing me
from any notions
on another one
Cruising by on Cloud 9
packing my glass bong
Energizing the culture for fun
Casing the next joint to extract the funds
Capitalistic transactions
Monetizing the traffic
that comes
Giving away value up front
to reap on the back in
but I never got pass
this lofty introduction
Hypnotized by the break beat percussion
the topic of this poem is up for discussion
Any questions???
while I sift through the wreckage
of the predictability
of my
Creative Insanity

30 Days to Succes

By Steve Pavlina

A powerful personal growth tool is the 30-day trial. This is a concept I borrowed from the shareware industry, where you can download a trial version of a piece of software and try it out risk-free for 30 days before you’re required to buy the full version. It’s also a great way to develop new habits, and best of all, it’s brain-dead simple.

Let’s say you want to start a new habit like an exercise program or quit a bad habit like sucking on cancer sticks. We all know that getting started and sticking with the new habit for a few weeks is the hard part. Once you’ve overcome inertia, it’s much easier to keep going.

Yet we often psyche ourselves out of getting started by mentally thinking about the change as something permanent — before we’ve even begun. It seems too overwhelming to think about making a big change and sticking with it every day for the rest of your life when you’re still habituated to doing the opposite. The more you think about the change as something permanent, the more you stay put.

But what if you thought about making the change only temporarily — say for 30 days — and then you’re free to go back to your old habits? That doesn’t seem so hard anymore. Exercise daily for just 30 days, then quit. Maintain a neatly organized desk for 30 days, then slack off. Read for an hour a day for 30 days, then go back to watching TV.

Could you do it? It still requires a bit of discipline and commitment, but not nearly so much as making a permanent change. Any perceived deprivation is only temporary. You can count down the days to freedom. And for at least 30 days, you’ll gain some benefit. It’s not so bad. You can handle it. It’s only one month out of your life.

Now if you actually complete a 30-day trial, what’s going to happen? First, you’ll go far enough to establish it as a habit, and it will be easier to maintain than it was to begin it. Secondly, you’ll break the addiction of your old habit during this time. Thirdly, you’ll have 30 days of success behind you, which will give you greater confidence that you can continue. And fourthly, you’ll gain 30 days worth of results, which will give you practical feedback on what you can expect if you continue, putting you in a better place to make informed long-term decisions.

Therefore, once you hit the end of the 30-day trial, your ability to make the habit permanent is vastly increased. But even if you aren’t ready to make it permanent, you can opt to extend your trial period to 60 or 90 days. The longer you go with the trial period, the easier it will be to lock in the new habit for life.

Another benefit of this approach is that you can use it to test new habits where you really aren’t sure if you’d even want to continue for life. Maybe you’d like to try a new diet, but you don’t know if you’d find it too restrictive. In that case, do a 30-day trial and then re-evaluate. There’s no shame in stopping if you know the new habit doesn’t suit you. It’s like trying a piece of shareware for 30 days and then uninstalling it if it doesn’t suit your needs. No harm, no foul.

Here are some examples from my own life where I used 30-day trials to establish new habits:

1) In the Summer of 1993, I wanted to try being vegetarian. I had no interest in making this a lifelong change, but I’d read a lot about the health benefits of vegetarianism, so I committed to it for 30 days just for the experience. I was already exercising regularly, seemed in decent health, and was not overweight (6’0″, 155 lbs), but my typical college diet included a lot of In-N-Out burgers. Going lacto-ovo vegetarian for 30 days was a lot easier than I expected — I can’t say it was hard at all, and I never felt deprived. Within a week I noticed an increase in my energy and concentration, and I felt more clear-headed. At the end of the 30 days, it was a no-brainer to stick with it. This change looked a lot harder than it really was.

2) In January 1997, I decided to try going from vegetarian to vegan. While lacto-ovo vegetarians can eat eggs and dairy, vegans don’t eat anything that comes from an animal. I was developing an interest in going vegan for life, but I didn’t think I could do it. How could I give up veggie-cheese omelettes? The diet seemed too restrictive to me — even fanatically so. But I was intensely curious to know what it was actually like. So once again I did a 30-day trial. At the time I figured I’d make it through the trial, but I honestly didn’t expect to continue beyond that. Well, I lost seven pounds in the first week, mostly from going to the bathroom as all the accumulated dairy mucus was cleansed from my bowels (now I know why cows need four stomachs to properly digest this stuff). I felt lousy the first couple days but then my energy surged. I also felt more clear-headed than ever, as if a “fog of brain” had been lifted; it felt like my brain had gotten a CPU and a RAM upgrade. However, the biggest change I noticed was in my endurance. I was living in Marina del Rey at the time and used to run along the beach near the Santa Monica Pier, and I noticed I wasn’t as tired after my usual 3-mile runs, so I started increasing them to 5 miles, 10 miles, and then eventually a marathon a few years later. In Tae Kwon Do, the extra endurance really gave a boost to my sparring skills as well. The accumulated benefits were so great that the foods I was giving up just didn’t seem so appealing anymore. So once again it was a no-brainer to continue after the first 30 days, and I’m still vegan today. What I didn’t expect was that after so long on this diet, the old animal product foods I used to eat just don’t seem like food anymore, so there’s no feeling of deprivation.

3) Also in 1997, I decided I wanted to exercise every single day for a year. That was my 1997 New Year’s resolution. My criteria was that I would exercise aerobically at least 25 minutes every day, and I wouldn’t count Tae Kwon Do classes which I was taking 2-3 days per week. Coupled with my dietary changes, I wanted to push my fitness to a new level. I didn’t want to miss a single day, not even for sick days. But thinking about exercising 365 days in a row was daunting, so I mentally began with a 30-day trial. That wasn’t so bad. After a while every day that passed set a new record: 8 days in a row… 10 days… 15 days…. It became harder to quit. After 30 days in a row, how could I not do 31 and set a new personal record? And can you imagine giving up after 250 days? No way. After the initial month to establish the habit, the rest of the year took care of itself. I remember going to a seminar that year and getting home well after midnight. I had a cold and was really tired, yet I still went out running at 2am in the rain. Some people might call that foolish, but I was so determined to reach my goal that I wasn’t going to let fatigue or illness stop me. I succeeded and kept it up for the whole year without ever missing a day. In fact, I kept going for a few more weeks into 1998 before I finally opted to stop, which was a tough decision. I wanted to do this for one year, knowing it would become a powerful reference experience, and it certainly became such.

4) More diet stuff…. After being vegan for a number of years, I opted to try other variations of the vegan diet. I did 30-day trials both with the macrobiotic diet and with the raw foods diet. Those were interesting and gave me new insights, but I decided not to continue with either of them. I felt no different eating macrobiotically than I did otherwise. And in the case of the raw diet, while I did notice a significant energy boost, I found the diet too labor intensive — I was spending a lot of time preparing meals and shopping frequently. Sure you can just eat raw fruits and veggies, but to make interesting raw meals, there can be a lot of labor involved. If I had my own chef, I’d probably follow the raw diet though because I think the benefits would be worth it. I did a second trial of the raw diet for 45 days, but again my conclusion was the same. If I was ever diagnosed with a serious disease like cancer, I’d immediately switch to an all raw, living foods diet, since I believe it to be the absolute best diet for optimal health. I’ve never felt more energetic in my life than when I ate a raw diet. But I had a hard time making it practical for me. Even so, I managed to integrate some new macrobiotic foods and raw foods into my diet after these trials. There are two all-raw restaurants here in Vegas, and I’ve enjoyed eating at them because then someone else does all the labor. So these 30-day trials were still successful in that they produced new insights, although in both cases I intentionally declined to continue with the new habit. One of the reasons a full 30-day trial is so important with new diets is that the first week or two will often be spent detoxing and overcoming cravings, so it isn’t until the third or fourth week that you begin to get a clear picture. I feel that if you haven’t tried a diet for at least 30 days, you simply don’t understand it. Every diet feels different on the inside than it appears from the outside.

This 30-day method seems to work best for daily habits. I’ve had no luck using it when trying to start a habit that only occurs 3-4 days per week. However, it can work well if you apply it daily for the first 30 days and then cut back thereafter. This is what I’d do when starting a new exercise program, for example. Daily habits are much easier to establish.

Here are some other ideas for applying 30-day trials:

  • Give up TV. Tape all your favorite shows and save them until the end of the trial. My whole family did this once, and it was very enlightening.
  • Give up online forums, especially if you feel you’re becoming forum addicted. This will help break the addiction and give you a clearer sense of how participation actually benefits you (if at all). You can always catch up at the end of 30 days.
  • Shower/bathe/shave every day. I know YOU don’t need this one, so please pass it along to someone who does.
  • Meet someone new every day. Start up a conversation with a stranger.
  • Go out every evening. Go somewhere different each time, and do something fun — this will be a memorable month.
  • Spend 30 minutes cleaning up and organizing your home or office every day. That’s 15 hours total.
  • List something new to sell on ebay every day. Purge some of that clutter.
  • Ask someone new out on a date every day. Unless your success rate is below 3%, you’ll get at least one new date, maybe even meet your future spouse.
  • If you’re already in a relationship, give your partner a massage every day. Or offer to alternate who gives the massage each day, so that’s 15 massages each.
  • Give up cigarettes, soda, junk food, coffee, or other unhealthy addictions.
  • Become an early riser.
  • Write in your journal every day.
  • Call a different family member, friend, or business contact every day.
  • Make 25 sales calls every day to solicit new business. Professional speaker Mike Ferry did this five days a week for two years, even on days when he was giving seminars. He credits this habit with helping build his business to over $10 million in annual sales. If you make 1300 sales calls a year, you’re going to get some decent business no matter how bad your sales skills are. You can generalize this habit to any kind of marketing work, like building new links to your web site.
  • Write a new blog entry every day.
  • Read for an hour a day on a subject that interests you.
  • Meditate every day.
  • Learn a new vocabulary word every day.
  • Go for a long walk every day.

Again, don’t think that you need to continue any of these habits beyond 30 days. Think of the benefits you’ll gain from those 30 days alone. You can re-assess after the trial period. You’re certain to grow just from the experience, even if it’s temporary.

The power of this approach lies in its simplicity. Even though doing a certain activity every single day may be less efficient than following a more complicated schedule — weight training is a good example because adequate rest is a key component — you’ll often be more likely to stick with the daily habit. When you commit to doing something every single day without exception, you can’t rationalize or justify missing a day, nor can you promise to make it up later by reshuffling your schedule.

Give trials a try. If you’re ready to commit to one right now, please feel free to post a comment and share your goal for the next 30 days. If there’s enough interest, then perhaps we can do a group postmortem around May 20th to see how it went for everyone. I’ll even do it with you. Mine will be to go running or biking for at least 25 minutes or do a minimum 60-minute hike in the mountains every day for 30 days. The weather here in Vegas has been great lately, so it’s a nice time for me to get back to exercising outdoors.

Making the Quantum Leap

By Steve Pavlina

Since 1992, I’ve been pursuing personal growth with a passion. I’ve attended seminars, listened to audio programs, and read hundreds of books in this field. I’ve easily spent many thousands of dollars and invested thousands of hours on such pursuits. And one thing I can tell you from all of this effort is that personal growth is very, very hard.

Many books, audio programs, and self-help gurus promote the quick fix mentality. Read this book and all your time management problems will vanish. Attend this seminar and you’ll be the next self-made millionaire. This kind of marketing is unfortunate because most people who buy these products will achieve only modest results with them. Then disappointment and disillusionment set in. Some people feel they must be defective if they can’t meet such unrealistic expectations. Maybe I have a genetic predisposition to being lazy. Others conclude the whole personal development field itself is just a sham. [Insert guru name here] is only in it for the money — none of his/her ideas really work.

I’ll say it again. Personal growth is very, very hard. If you think you can read one book or article on time management and instantly erase procrastination and disorder from your life forever, that’s an extremely unrealistic expectation. While a single book can potentially lead you to a big change, most won’t. When you experience a big change in your life, it’s probably the result of a long chain of events, of which reading a particular book was only a small but perhaps critical part.

Personal growth experiences often occur in the form of a quantum leap — a strong and radical shift from one mindset to another. There may be a number of small steps leading up to that leap, but at some point there is a big change, and it happens in an instant. You go to work and suddenly realize you’re going to quit your job; even before you tell your boss, you know you’re certain and that there’s no going back. You decide to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to marry you after you’ve been together for years. You decide you’re done smoking, and you quit for life. These decisions can happen in a mere second – a moment of clarity suddenly hits you, and you know what you have to do. A quantum leap occurs, and from that moment on, you’re never the same again. Some of these leaps appear more gradual than others, but virtually all of them can be traced back to a moment of decision. At some point you made a decision to change. And even before you manifest this change in your physical reality, you immediately know you’re not the same anymore.

It’s rare that reading a single book will produce a quantum leap. Quantum leaps require a large amount of consistent input and energy. When you decide to quit your job or break off your relationship or move to a new city, it may be the result of months or years of dissatisfaction. It may also occur after lots of time spent thinking positively about what life will be like after the shift. Both positive and negative factors can help generate a quantum leap.

Most of the time when people pursue personal growth, they simply don’t invest enough time and energy in a consistent direction to achieve a quantum leap. Maybe you’ve read a book on getting organized, and while you were reading it, the positive energy you experienced moved you closer to making a leap. You felt fairly certain at the time that this was going to work. But then you finished the book (or got sidetracked and didn’t finish it), and the impact of the book gradually faded. You never reached the quantum leap that allowed you to break through to a new level of order in your life. Over a period of days or weeks, your old pattern reasserted itself. Sound familiar?

But it wasn’t the book or the ideas themselves that failed you. The problem was that you didn’t invest enough sustained energy in the same direction to achieve the quantum leap. You never reached the point of no return. Reading a single book was only a small, short-term nudge, albeit in the right direction.

In order for a rocket launched from earth to reach outer space, the rocket must exert a sufficient amount of sustained force to overcome the earth’s gravity. If the rocket’s engines cut out prematurely, the rocket will crash back to earth. Just as it can take a massive amount of sustained force to put a rocket into orbit, recognize that there are certain areas of your life where you may need a large force to knock you into a higher state. Small efforts over a long period of time may do absolutely nothing for you. You can read one time management book a year and be no better at your managing your time.

So what does work? How do you achieve a quantum leap? You need to exert some effort in a particular direction where you want to grow, and you need to consistently sustain it until you achieve a quantum leap. If you stop short, you’ll likely fall right back to where you started. So first of all, if you’re going to target a new quantum leap, you need to commit to sustaining that effort until you hit the leap.

This is why I say personal growth is very hard. Effecting a quantum leap is tough work. It requires a strong force of sustained effort, and you can’t let up until you hit the leap. If you get sidetracked for too long, you have to start over again.

But the bright side is that after you make the leap, you can rest for a bit. You’ve reached a higher state, and you’re going to stay there by default, just as a satellite in orbit will remain in orbit. Sure the orbit may slowly decay, but if that happens it will be over a long period of time, and only a minimal investment of energy is needed to adjust course and sustain your new orbit indefinitely. Quitting smoking may be very difficult. But if you’ve been a nonsmoker for years, it doesn’t take nearly as much effort to remain a nonsmoker; you may need to make some adjustments along the way, but they’ll be minor required to the initial energy required to quit.

Suppose you want to lose weight. You read a book on weight loss and get motivated to lose weight. You join a gym and start working out. After a few weeks, you’ve lost five pounds. But you get busy with work and gradually stop going to the gym. Crash! You gain all the weight back plus a couple more pounds. A few months later you try again. You get inspired and buy some new exercise equipment. Again you use it for several weeks and lose some weight, and again something takes you away from this habit and you gain all the weight back. The next year you join a weight loss organization, adopt their diet plan, and start going to weekly meetings. But after a dozen sessions, you drift again and gain back all the weight you lost. You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy into this goal, but it wasn’t enough to hit a quantum leap.

So how would you pursue such a goal as a quantum leaper?

The exact manner of pursuing this goal is up to you of course. But here are some ideas that will help you achieve a quantum leap:

  • Immerse yourself in your goal. Get clear on your exact goal, and write it down in your own words. Post your goal somewhere you’ll see it every day; I often use the text of my goals as screen savers or write them on my marker board.
  • Educate yourself on what it will take to achieve your goal. And I mean really educate yourself to the point where you become an expert. Keep pouring knowledge into your head until you succeed — continuously. Don’t just read one book on the subject. Read 10. Then read 10 more. Then 10 more. Listen to audio programs. Talk to experts. Never let up on your self-education.
  • Alter your environment to support the achievement of your goal. This subject was already explored in a previous entry.
  • Consciously change the people you spend the most time with such that your goal is supported by those around you. For details read this entry.

One reason people fail to achieve a quantum leap is that they make only a meager effort in these four areas. They don’t get really clear about what they want and keep their goals in their face every day. They invest only a few hours in education instead of several hundred. They maintain an environment that fails to reinforce their new identity. And they continue to cling to people who hold them back. Year after year they remain stuck in unfulfilling careers, unhealthy bodies, stagnant relationships, and incongruent belief systems.

In my own life, I’ve experienced many of these leaps:

  1. employee -> independent contractor -> retail game developer -> shareware game developer -> game publisher -> speaker/writer (in progress)
  2. SAD (Standard American Diet) -> vegetarian -> vegan (with some branches going into raw foodism, alkalarian diets, whole foods, and macrobiotics)
  3. single -> dating -> living together -> engaged -> married -> father of one -> father of two
  4. Catholicism -> atheism -> agnosticism -> various new agey stuff -> ? -> Buddhism -> ? -> Bajoran wormhole aliens -> ? -> objectivism -> ? -> ? (the ?s are belief systems that can’t really be labeled)

None of these shifts happened by accident; each leap was a consciously chosen step… well… all except “father of two” — whoops!

If I’d never experienced any of these quantum leaps, I’d be an employed Catholic bachelor who eats the standard American diet. And that’s not necessarily any “better” or “worse” than my current situation (OK, the diet part is a lot better). I don’t think in terms of trying to reach some kind of final destination though. What’s important to me is experiencing the path itself: having been single AND married AND a father, having experienced lots of different belief systems, having worked in a business AND having owned one. In some areas there’s a logical progression; for example, I keep shifting careers to those that give me more and more freedom and which increase my ability to contribute. But in other areas, I find the most growth by experiencing a lot of different perspectives in no particular order, such as in my spiritual growth pursuits.

Yes it’s a lot of hard work to achieve a quantum leap in any of these areas, but I think the alternative of stagnation is worse. You can pursue the quick fix methodology and fall flat on your face over and over. Or you can accept that the change you want is going to be hard and that it may take years to achieve, but it will be worth it. And best of all, once you’ve gone through a few quantum leaps, you may learn to enjoy the process of building up to the next one. It’s deeply satisfying to look back on your previous state of being and see how much you’ve grown.