Wake Up

Dont worry… I’m here to wake you up

We all seem to complain and find fault
with every little effect
that doesn’t meet our personal
or individual agenda
we end up not appreciating the moments
of breathing fresh air
or beholding fresh spring blooms
privy to our perfect atmosphere
the wasted days leave stains on privileged life spans
filled with empty reasons
not to be happy
or joyful
pointing out
everything that could would should be wrong
singing the same sad song
hoping to find someone to
sing along
because misery
loves company
clinging to the common thoughts that confirm the insanity
of mental fuckery
I am so confused by the troubled youth
and the medias portrayal of black and brown dudes
who unknowingly misuse
the opportunity avenues
and the on ramps to
helpful information
only to enroll in the class of
to parole or probation
pass the discrimination rate
stuck in the gray
lines of the law
like the hossier state
freedom to serve based
on religious faith
this should be old news but
still up for debate
black white brown asian or gay
we all have 24 hours of the day
so why can’t we all behave the same
ego and self gratification gets in the way
and believe me when I say
the common sense class majority of people didn’t take
the attention to detail was not paid
so the unconscious incompetent stage
is where they stay
You know:
not Knowing that you don’t know
naive and un-aware of the obvious
to the common but unpracticed
that make life worth while
and adventurous

Someone must shake them up
throw water on them to try wake them up

they must be sleep
to live the American dream
they must really think
it is what really seems
to realize the peace
you must attain a degree
from lies that are told
through the authors of history
I am the voice that cry’s in the silent nights of misery
I want my piece of the pie
instead of this bottle of Hennessy
i want the truth not the lies
of what really happen to Kennedy
i want the truth not a lie
of today’s puppet-master’s true identity
but the media repeatedly
throws up a smoke screen
Themes filled with celebrity pregnancies
and local field nigga causalities
stories of any means
to conventional crimes and themes
common times into nightly
must see TV
how to get away with murder becomes the scandal between
the blacks and the whites true gray anatomy
still with nothing on
the masses flick frantically
through hundreds of three letter acronyms trying to find reality
only to be stuck in the insanity
of humanity
entertained by human tragedy
and natural calamity
and we all must play a role this gnarly
dark comedy
hard to to see
while perpetually
staring at your eye lids
and a lullaby sense

of today’s daily gifts

called seconds and minutes
not fully understood by men and women
they spend them
like raffle tickets
and gift certificates
not to understand their true value you will never reap the benefits
like they say around the way

you don’t know wat da biznness is

you get what you get
cant complain about what you finish with
because results always reflect the hours you decided to fit in
cause and effect
ain’t nothing change but the rent
the more that you sit
the less you get
the more that you risk
the more you get rich
it seems to me this would be common sense
but as we already know common sense isn’t always common practice
it would be cataclysmic
not to implement the obvious
but obviously
the American dreamer is still asleep


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