My Dirty Laundry

If you could read my mind
you would find
A manuscript that was
one of a kind
With a DAMUnique design
I’m not one of those guys
Looking for a lady with nice thighs and giant big behind
Even though that would be a plus!!!!
Filling me with lust
Wanting to put my stuff
into her stuff
Letting my imagination run muck
But let me be blunt
That’s not what I came here to talk about_____

I got a couple things I need to get off my chest
Some things make me laugh
some things make mad
Some things just cause me to stress
How can I say it the best
My life has been a big crummy mess
Addicted to controlled substances
I never like taking bath so you can smell how musty I gets
Feening for pornographic practicing sexual absentinance
while I was married 4 and half years
So you can see how much that made sense
I had three wishes but none on those bitches came true
My current religion is mixed with witch doctoring and voo-doo
Just last week I summoned a tornado and got a typhoon
This week I wanted a black cat but ended up with a raccoon

As you can see my mind hasn’t been working correctly
My body’s saying let’s sleep
we’ll wake up early next week
My flesh is weak so I give in daily
Measuring my success with last year’s best
A victim of self inflicted stress
I choice to be poor this is not America’s mess
Under the burden of not trying to be a conformant
Conforming to the ways
useless time is being spent
My inner world is split
One side won’t repent
Loving the scent of Newport cigarettes
After getting off some wet clitoris

My spiritual life is dormant
So my zeal for sin is enormous
Sometimes when I walk into church
I feel like a tourist
Looking at the legs of Deloris
Smelling like fresh orchids
from the local florist
Asking myself how long will I endure this?
The Word of God
is not the only thing I’m ignoring
Bill collectors can’t wake me up from my snoring
Repo man comes
and takes it in the morning
Because I couldn’t afford it
Because I rather spend my time up in orbit
Taking mid-day flights
racking up frequent lie around miles

I should have known by now
I am a product of strong women
But got to use to taking instead of giving
So I don’t look at responsibility as a privilege
I look at it as kid looks at spinach
“I’ll eating but I don’t have to taste it” Yuk!!
Another case of bad luck
But stuck
knowing the truth
That responsibility builds character
like the awareness of terrorist in 2002
Trying so hard to be different
Rules of life I keep skipping them
Only to move on with this shortcut
Short lived and short coming of this self inflicted miss education
I’ve analyzed my behavior
And I find it disappointing like Owner of Oakland Raiders

I almost lost my train of thought
In the reality of the actuality
Of this same old song
Smoking out of a bong
Getting my high on
Till the crack of dawn
Triggering my morning yawn
I’ve been here more than two times before
With the same losing score

When it rains it storms
And pouring ain’t the half of it I use to laugh at this

But I don’t know what this is
So understanding is not yet present
Of course this would happen to me
Someone that just hit his thirties
Smoking away my honest living
Calling on mommy
For a place to lay my head
Of the Salvation Army
With the literally starving
I have nowhere to go so let’s chat on where I’ve been
and then we will have a complete picture on why I never win


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