My Opinions Part: Zero

Some of these words come from within
but some these words fall from a infinite amount space and matter
Surpassing all telecommunication patterns
Of chatter that advertises to the masses
While little Judy is up in classes

Mr. Mike Murdock is counting up his assets

The American economy clasps
Meltdown in the housing bracket
Bailouts to the Bastards that drafted it
Now mom is worry about her grandkids
Hoping change will come with a black president
In my opinion the election is irrelevant
If most of this stems from the lack of financial intelligence

To better understand myself
I look at the cards I was dealt
Picturing a swift victory
But realizing three cards I did not need
Particularly these
The ones I want
I guess that the way life is huh?
Making sacrifices to gain greater advantage
Planting seeds in the garden to grow annual cabbage
To live far beyond just managing
Or to just get by
Looking at my life in a different light for my own good
To be a living example for my old hood
You have to walk it to talk it
You have to been through it to prove it
But first things first I must just do it
I have thought about this more times than I should
But I seems to all good
Because before building a city you must first tear down the woods


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