On My Droid (Pt. 2)

Fist clinched
thumbs tap dance
motorola screens
to nobodies
i guess i’m just…
Talking to me.
Hope comes from constant belief.
Won stroke of genius
On digital sheets
positions me
above mediocrity
writing a Hip Hop odyssey
of pure unadulterated…
Exploring the leaps of those be
fore me
studying the verbal
displayed on early
after late night open mics sessions
street light Fluorescence
provide illumination
For our free will to express
Our expression
of peace and frustration
our goals and our transgressions
and every thing is at my fingertips
one thought away from entering in
info into intangible infrastructures
invented invertly inside artificial intelligence
only to hold the details of my intellect
and occasionally surf the internet
and having brief conversations with relatives


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