High Horse Riding

By: DAM!Unique

On my high horse
riding thru the valley of uncertainty
gazing into the horizon following nature’s call
Giving life to all
stepping into fresh new terrain
days and nights
with my eye on the prize
mind on the promise of good times
once I reach
the feeling with grass underneath my feet
taking a breath of the sweet
scent of milk and honey
and everything lovely
because where I’m from
the concrete wreaks of partiality
of living life casually
while collecting debt passively
where waking up has become
the liability
hard to see
past the smoke screen
brought to you visually
every day of the week
the way of mediocrity has become main street
daring to be different
will only get you part of a hiring freeze
the status quo is the best way to go
keep your mouth close
and a clean nose
staying politically correct and total conventional
is a formula to becoming dead broke
kids looking at their inheritance like a bad joke
The rules of the Fed’s notes changed in ’74
Why do you think the interest rates can be so low??
(Just think how much has been borrowed)
read the timeline  of monetary history
the Roman Empire depicts it perfectly
same thing happen in mid-20th century Germany
 the lack of financial literacy
camouflaged the debauching of the currency
and currently
the lottery is played by those in poverty
going on EBT shopping sprees
while the elephants and donkeys arguing over foreign policy
and the failing economy  
becoming a worldwide dichotomy
Where the elected officials are the new kings of comedy
While the globe is in a recession
I keep on progressing
leaving the town of second guessing
finding real answers for my questions
time well invested
to enjoy time in the present
taking steps towards awareness
riding on a horse named Gregarious
controlling my fears staying relentless
carrying bolt cutters
to go thru the fences
prepared to build bridges
to travel over the  trenches
what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger
so bring on the resistance
because change only comes with diligent presistance
Giddy Up!


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