Creative Insanity

By: DAM!unique

Engaged into the pathways of extraordinary behaviors
Major league favors pass over the neighbors
only to rumble on these global media players
banking cartels are giving out all the orders
murders pile up on international boarders
Nickles sold for dimes
Dimes sold for quarters
The rich get enrichment
the poor get more disorders
prescribed prescriptions
knowing that they can’t afford’em
no wonder there are long lines
for super size fries
and a microwave life
millions sold on instant gratification
never putting in the time
for preparation
The top percent of the generation are some close friends of mine
the wisdom we get
expands over many lifetimes
the question that goes through our mind
is Why?
won’t they don’t get it
the information free
why haven’t they read it
A case of mental sickness
can’t even call the paramedics
My mentor told me “Don’t sign up for that class”
Paraphrasing: Homey don’t sweat it
So I’m
Courageously holding on to my blessing
From the everyday pourings
wide open
forever exploring
Eager to thank my source of joy
every single morning
piercing sunshine adapts to the shadowed room
feeling moments out of the womb
Eyes still consumed with imagines
recent dreams
laughter comes over me
divorcing me
from any notions
on another one
Cruising by on Cloud 9
packing my glass bong
Energizing the culture for fun
Casing the next joint to extract the funds
Capitalistic transactions
Monetizing the traffic
that comes
Giving away value up front
to reap on the back in
but I never got pass
this lofty introduction
Hypnotized by the break beat percussion
the topic of this poem is up for discussion
Any questions???
while I sift through the wreckage
of the predictability
of my
Creative Insanity


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