Guarded Heart

By: DAM!unique

To protect Him
we must erect a solid wall of defense
Don’t let anyone else in
We will not have a repeat of past passions
Hurry up…
Time is not our ally
He’s getting lonely…
Tired of waiting for the perfect one
Compromise is not an option

When He starts to leaking his feelings
we must stop Him
Don’t let anyone come close..again
We must stay in control
Oh no…
there one goes
Nice smile
unique style of clothes
His confidence level is still low
So this one We must approach slow
Watch for signs of attraction
…Here we go
First date
……. went straight
The second was better
the third one turned into overnight huggings
Leaving them both wanting….
but this is something this heart can’t afford

All systems go

shut down all “Acts of Service”
and any “Words of Affirmation”
pull back on the “Quality Time”
and the thinking of her too much
which will sabotage the natural desire of “Physical Touch”
LOL…thats only four…LOL
This is No Laughing Matter!!!
We have been crushed more than once
and it all starts when He falls in love
So we must put unreachable standards up
The heart doesn’t know what it really wants
even though she showed effort towards Him
We can’t get close
what if.. she’s
not the one
What if.. she
doesn’t keep her promise
what if.. she
finds someone more interesting
can we take the risk of being hurt again

just because she’s nice
the last one was nice
and it comes to no surprise
we know He falls in love with women who catch His eyes
and it comes to no surprise
His heart will go out to any women with a beautiful mind
Conversations of The current…the pass… and future times
So thats why….
we must stay on full alert
24/7 watching
out for any signs of emotion
or puppy love
If anyone gets in
it will be pure luck
There will be no slacking
Remember His high school crush

Intruder…Intruder Alert….Intruder…Intruder Alert

She must have come thru His spirit
emergency mayday mayday
man down man down
what happen???
we fooled Him
we thought we could hold back his feelings
but they were always there
We can’t help Him by installing fear
A hopeless romantic is what He sees in the mirror
He wants someone to love
He needs someone to love
We can’t keep His Heart Guarded!!!!


Let the lessons of love help Him grow up


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