the begin

By: DAM!unique

The Letters The Numbers The Phrases The Calculations

Make up The Basics

The Fundamentals The Essentials

The Foundation is monumental

The Step by Step is easy to do

At the same time easy not to do

The Principles are simply critical

To maximize today’s potential

Keeping to The Elemental Tempo

The First Rule is The Cornerstone

To staying out of the comfort zone

Practice and repeat The Elementary

Until mastery is active passively

Progressing through The Stages of Competency

Utilizing Tactics to develop Primary Strategies

The Threat of neglect is a single adversary

Bringing The Pain of regret

Those two should be married

Push pass The Norm

Study The Core

Until perfection is performed

Pay attention to The Storms

This is where the true lessons are learned

Record The Inspiring Words

To get strong it must hurt

Its Direct Action The Focused Work

On the letters numbers phrases calculations

Meditate on The basics

A Moment spent Applying is never time wasted


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