Late Night Passions

By: DAM!unique

Either I am crazy or there is someone
in some state of some perception
second guessing their late night passions
masking the hidden cravings
staging the psuedo-masterpiece
on landscapes of deception
closing the mind to the possiblities
of their true potential
Let me remind you a huge percentage
are still damaged
from the question unanswered
Anger covered by their laughter
moving on alone in a day unmastered
wishing for things to go faster
but time finds no rest
And we seem to settle for less of it
wasting it
like fifteen more to kill
seconds spill
out of the minute
once the the bullets of neglect hit it
punctures it
Wondering if
Wondering gets
me anywhere closer to my late night passion
What is a idea lacking action??
A seed of procrastination
A pass for waiting for the next station
but where do we get off????
Deciding tomorrow’s the jump off
we got it mixed up like rice pilaf
Life’s a big sea-saw….
without understanding leverage
you will be lost
and with every wind that blows
you will be tossed
and who fault is that???
Look in the mirror
and the answer is clear
This is your life and no one else to steer

You… to… your… late… night… passions



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