Before the Foundations

Do you know who you are? Do you have a clue of what you have been given?

Let me clear up somethings about yourself. You are more than just a person walking and breathing everyday. You were endowed with great power. There has been so much invested into your heart, mind and soul. There is a energy that exudes from your spirit that is irresistible. This truth will confuse the wisest of men. The educated will fight it’s simplicity and waste time to find holes in it’s Excellency. The truth remains rooted in your inheritance given to you before the foundations of the earth.

Predestined to be royalty.

A calling to be more than just ordinary but extraordinary. The game has been rigged in your favor so expect to win. Your legacy will shape generations.

There is nobody like you in the world today.

Nobody was your talents or your amazing capabilities. You were given something nobody can borrow, duplicate or steal. Your particular abilities are only part of the arsenal. Go ahead and acknowledge your unique and unprecedented good fortune.

You were predestined for greatness before the foundations of the earth.


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