By: DAM!unique

First time I saw her she was 18 and fresh out of High School

I was new to the small town a new fish in the pool

It took two weeks before I noticed her smile

Two months later we walked out the justice of peace proud

She was Mrs. Maxey a gift for any chick

Hard times came by and couldn’t handle it

Off to D.C. with her Big Brother C

It didn’t take weeks before she cheated on me


And since I was on house arrest

My self esteem couldn’t drop any less

So when she came back I gave her a second chance

Happy as can be

two kids loving vicerously

Hoping our love would get us through 2003

And when it did

We went looking for a crib

Settled for Summer Ridge Apartments

On our door step we found a kitten

We named her “Baby” she was as cute as a mitten

She invited her friends who happen to be all men

I had no reason to be worried because Im comfortable in my skin

She would visit Warner Robins to see her keen

After months of keeping her secrets

She confessed that she cheated on me again


Not once but multiple times

Her reason for doing it might be the dumbest of all

She said “How do I know you love me when you don’t get jealous at all”

I didn’t what to be like my parents

So divorce wasn’t an option

But she  was very promiscuous before I came in her life

And you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife

But I was dumb enough to try

So I gave myself to Christ and started to pray for my wife

Hoping she would come to realize

I was willing to pay the price

I would do anything even pay extra in tithes

We started to make progress we join a small married group

This is where I meet my best friend Zoel and John too

They both had godly women backing them

Through the thick and thin

Maybe they could rub off on my wife and they would be friends

Nothing really happen until I decided to go in

And get some real marriage counciling

After Weeks of denial from Pastors in charge

John and Steph rendered their hearts

They gave their all

in prayer they would ball

And all for nothing because my wife said “It was all my fault”


She said she was lonely so we made a kid

Things got to espensive so we got evicted

I worked full time at least 45 hours a week

When Malachi came I took the night shift so I didn’t sleep

I burnt myself out and John is my witness

Getting hit by that truck couldn’t take me out of this marital prison

After months of depression I wanted her to feel better

So we moved to Raleigh to be closer to her parents

On the border became my lifestyle fitness

The premise for every decision

But then came the winter

Looking back on why I never became winner

Smiles became my pretending

While trauma started to set in

My son started walking

And that when we stopped talking

The stress on my face was obvious

Backsliding into shots of Henn

Moved down to Georgia again

Against the Godly advice of a friend

And guess what it took less than a month for her to cheat on me again



7 thoughts on “THAT BITCH

  1. DAMN are you serious? That bitch!!! If this wasn’t about you or weather it was i’m glad that you turned your life over to god and i hope you left that WOMEN because that’s not your wife god has one hand picked for you and you already no it may have been delayed but it’s never denied. I couldn’t stop reading your poem even if i tried i had to know what happened, guess i’m still waiting hoping for a “that bitch part 2”

    • Thanks for that…and yes that was about me and my ex…i just wrote it today… I’m feeling your pieces also… go ahead and read some more of my work..share it with ur…I will do the same for you..God Bless

  2. Trials by fire happen to the best of us and you have made it through. She didn’t know that she had a good man because she was not woman enough to see and appreciate the gift that you are.

    Her loss, not yours.

    Karma is “That Bitch” she wakes up to every morning because nothing will fill the emptiness in her dark heart.

    But I’m glad she wasn’t woman enough for you because if she had been, there wouldn’t have been a you and me. So thanks girlfriend for being “That Bitch” and setting a good man free.

  3. Thats sad. Cheating, its dangerous…if someone ain’t happy, then they should leave. I’ll never understand it. A waste of time. Congrats to u for

  4. I’m sorry you had to go through this but things like that make us stronger. Do not give up on finding love because you are a good person and god has plans for you. Just listen to your inner voice and do not let anyone hold you down. I really believe this “ONCE YOU KNOW BETTER YOU DO BETTER” This is your time to shine!!!

  5. YO!!!!! That’s what I’m talking about. Your sharing what other good men go through all the time. Gotta stay away from Jezebels. Make sure you teach Malachi to be honorable like his dad!!!!

    • all that and you are still a good man, friend, and son, and brother and to someone a lover…..i wish you all the best…don’t fret about what was once in the past because out of it you have malachi and he has a good dad……you are my friend, and was there when the chips were down for me as well as others….i shall never forget you and the fact that you withstood trial by fire, made you who you are today…..DON’T CHANGE stay the same…..I LOVE YOU FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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