On My Droid

By: DAM!unique

Constant Thumb Movements
Illustrate the Internal Mind State
The Creative Peaks
The Mental Landscapes
that I call Home…
A Place where my Dreams are tucked away
Nicely from
Close Associates
And those other Negative Suggestions
Cultivated in the Daily Thoughts of Limitations
A Figment of The Imagination
Grown from the Seed of Procrastination
Patiently waiting…
On digital TV stations
Facebook Conversations
And the new Angry Birds application
This Fascination comes from Weeks of Frustrations
Standing in the Gap for a Generation
Ready to Die for what I believe in
Holding on to the Moments of Reason
Just to cherish The Season
That Pass
So Fast
I’m so Glad
I took Good Notes
Feeding my mind with Good Quotes

“Work harder on yourself, then you do on your job”
“Protect Your Garden like a Father and Nourish it like a Mom”
“Discipline your Disappointments… Think outside the Box”
“Control the Fear Stay Relentless… Ignore the Word “Stop!!!!!!”

4 thoughts on “On My Droid

  1. I love it! you’re so deep sometimes I wonder if you really are my child. Writing is your gift and you should share it with the world please continue expressing yourself through words.

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