15 Minutes to Live

I was born in 1980 /a san diego baby/ hatched from a womb one day late/ becuz with the outside world i refuse to relate/ my mom wanted a girl/ but her wish came with her bottom lip/ and with his father’s top

i came out running/ always racing something/ graduated high school in tustin/i left the west coast orange county long jump champion/ just to end up in atlanta, georgia/ i never lived so close to the forest

i smoked a lot a mary jane/ to ease the shock of the culture change/ more material to fill my page/ more bills  came with age/ deeply entrenched in the rat race/ living check to check day to day/ searching for a better way/one side said it would be better to wait/but thats the reason they live in the same state of faith/ neglecting self reflection in every way

so before i leave/ let me give you the best advice given to me

….”Work harder on yourself than you do on your J.O.B”…

..and Treasures are reserved for those who SEEK..

{So Seek!!!}


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