Unhappy Father’s Day

By: DAM!unique

I choose to be a man
but the car spoils my plans
now left in the hands
of the the handyman
crushed under the weight
of the fleeing dollars and cents
right before this month’s rent
all i want is time with my son
but times are hard
and it’s all becuz of this car
right when i thought i had it made
the engine wouldn’t budge this past sunday
only wondering… what the fuck
this shit sucks
what does God really want ???
becuz all I want 2 do is spend time with my son
i feel like the hurdles are being dropped in my path
and i’m not running fast
stuck with my past luck
and that’s not good for anyone
especially me
the bearer of bad memories
the master of tragedy
the human catastrophe
no wonder they laugh at me
and say to me:
“You’re black and you’ll never be what you wanna be..”
“A Good Daddy!!!”


One thought on “Unhappy Father’s Day

  1. I like this poem and your from the gut writing style. Your blog is very multi-media, maybe you can help me out with mine. I’ve only read a couple of entries so far but it seems like you have a lot of previous posts for me to read when I have the time. Keep writing 🙂

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