Those that Wait…

By: DAM!unique

When we dream of success does it mean
we are sleep walking??’
Honestly I am asking a question because
I wake up everyday thinking of the future.

The today’s of yesterday don’t excite me
The tomorrow’s kinda bore me
And right now seems like the start of my story
Sometimes I wish I could of got started a little early
Dreams are what I have when I’m awake
And sleeping only happens when I don’t make
the steps I now I should take
Some folks would call those “Mistakes”
But those are the folks that wait
And are still waiting

If one has a fear to make a mistake and waits
The education from that mistake will be delayed
If one has a fear and stares it in the face
that one adds value to the soul and ground is made
Only the strong survive and the weak face defeat
If your dream is big enough “Why did you retreat?”
Back to your comfort zone taking everyone’s advice
“Obey your thrist” start taking advice from Sprite
God gives me thoughts that are way too cool to come true
But everyday He gives me another clue
proving to me that it’s really something He wants me to do
Some of my dreams make no sense at all
but I didn’t make them up
just like I didn’t make the earth a floating-rotating ball
One day I will realize my life was more than just dreaming
only to find out that I wasn’t the One that was doing the dreaming
Predestined from the beginning
to live life to the fullest
not to wandering to a job living life so clueless
Most people ask “What is my purpose?”
those that wait for the answer…
Are Still waiting.


3 thoughts on “Those that Wait…

  1. What can I say this one really goes through me… I believe in you. Love you more than words can say. I know my “purpose” now.

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