Re-Invention Notebook

By: DAM!unique

On the back cover
Displaying how I’m a verbal lover
Too much talent 2 hold in
So I zone in and home in
On any opponent
with contradicting emotions
Isolating figure eights
In my clearest mental state
After five days of deliberate wake and bakes
My habits are up for decision
Up for debate
The more blunts I smoke
The more time I waste
I was wondering why money never stayed
To pay my way thru the hamster wheel
Of late bills
I am running my last lap in this rat race
No matter if I come in last place
I’m on a great pace
on the fast track to self made wealth
I can care less about the cards I was dealt
Someone had it worst
And now I’m able to quench the inner thirst
Of making money work
For me like a slave
And money has no choice but to obey
Passively increasing drastically appreciate-
Wisdom and faith put together
Is practically amaze-
Like 6 months of saving
A solid foundation never shaking pavement
From where I’m standing
Big leaps I’m taking
Always planning big trips on vacation
Making big moves in the direction of daily dreaming
Picture so vivid
I can actually live it
As a man thinketh is metaphysics
The fear of success my son will never inherit
Any challenge he will dare it
And stare it in the face like David did Goliath
Something you wouldn’t call surprising


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