Nu & Improved

By: DAM!unique


Under-devolped fella
trying so hard to not seem jealous
of the over-developed
skeleton structure
182.4 mill for 7 years
and I only want one half
for one year
five hundred thousand calms
homey you do the math!!!!

My Master Piece

Inches too short of the goal
how does this plan magically unfold
when mad time was put in
to create the untold
mastery is in my reach
I gradually rise like heat
mastering every opportunity
laid at my feet
unmasking masterful skills
that were learned in the field
of mastering peace

Get Up!!!

While my ex-life isn’t answering me
I sleep
under dark sheets
of depressing weeks
escaping my reality
in reality t.v.
only temporarily
because the 97% percent mentality scares me
20 hours weekly
in front of the media frenzy
that’s a part time job
I feel it’s a waste of time to be entertained by so many sitcoms


One thought on “Nu & Improved

  1. It scary to read what you write, because it is like I’m thinking it and you’re verbalizing it. I wish, I had half of your talent. You have a valuable gift and please do not stop sharing it with others.

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