My Opinions Part: Zero

Some of these words come from within
but some these words fall from a infinite amount space and matter
Surpassing all telecommunication patterns
Of chatter that advertises to the masses
While little Judy is up in classes

Mr. Mike Murdock is counting up his assets

The American economy clasps
Meltdown in the housing bracket
Bailouts to the Bastards that drafted it
Now mom is worry about her grandkids
Hoping change will come with a black president
In my opinion the election is irrelevant
If most of this stems from the lack of financial intelligence

To better understand myself
I look at the cards I was dealt
Picturing a swift victory
But realizing three cards I did not need
Particularly these
The ones I want
I guess that the way life is huh?
Making sacrifices to gain greater advantage
Planting seeds in the garden to grow annual cabbage
To live far beyond just managing
Or to just get by
Looking at my life in a different light for my own good
To be a living example for my old hood
You have to walk it to talk it
You have to been through it to prove it
But first things first I must just do it
I have thought about this more times than I should
But I seems to all good
Because before building a city you must first tear down the woods

On My Droid (Pt. 2)

Fist clinched
thumbs tap dance
motorola screens
to nobodies
i guess i’m just…
Talking to me.
Hope comes from constant belief.
Won stroke of genius
On digital sheets
positions me
above mediocrity
writing a Hip Hop odyssey
of pure unadulterated…
Exploring the leaps of those be
fore me
studying the verbal
displayed on early
after late night open mics sessions
street light Fluorescence
provide illumination
For our free will to express
Our expression
of peace and frustration
our goals and our transgressions
and every thing is at my fingertips
one thought away from entering in
info into intangible infrastructures
invented invertly inside artificial intelligence
only to hold the details of my intellect
and occasionally surf the internet
and having brief conversations with relatives

My Dirty Laundry

If you could read my mind
you would find
A manuscript that was
one of a kind
With a DAMUnique design
I’m not one of those guys
Looking for a lady with nice thighs and giant big behind
Even though that would be a plus!!!!
Filling me with lust
Wanting to put my stuff
into her stuff
Letting my imagination run muck
But let me be blunt
That’s not what I came here to talk about_____

I got a couple things I need to get off my chest
Some things make me laugh
some things make mad
Some things just cause me to stress
How can I say it the best
My life has been a big crummy mess
Addicted to controlled substances
I never like taking bath so you can smell how musty I gets
Feening for pornographic practicing sexual absentinance
while I was married 4 and half years
So you can see how much that made sense
I had three wishes but none on those bitches came true
My current religion is mixed with witch doctoring and voo-doo
Just last week I summoned a tornado and got a typhoon
This week I wanted a black cat but ended up with a raccoon

As you can see my mind hasn’t been working correctly
My body’s saying let’s sleep
we’ll wake up early next week
My flesh is weak so I give in daily
Measuring my success with last year’s best
A victim of self inflicted stress
I choice to be poor this is not America’s mess
Under the burden of not trying to be a conformant
Conforming to the ways
useless time is being spent
My inner world is split
One side won’t repent
Loving the scent of Newport cigarettes
After getting off some wet clitoris

My spiritual life is dormant
So my zeal for sin is enormous
Sometimes when I walk into church
I feel like a tourist
Looking at the legs of Deloris
Smelling like fresh orchids
from the local florist
Asking myself how long will I endure this?
The Word of God
is not the only thing I’m ignoring
Bill collectors can’t wake me up from my snoring
Repo man comes
and takes it in the morning
Because I couldn’t afford it
Because I rather spend my time up in orbit
Taking mid-day flights
racking up frequent lie around miles

I should have known by now
I am a product of strong women
But got to use to taking instead of giving
So I don’t look at responsibility as a privilege
I look at it as kid looks at spinach
“I’ll eating but I don’t have to taste it” Yuk!!
Another case of bad luck
But stuck
knowing the truth
That responsibility builds character
like the awareness of terrorist in 2002
Trying so hard to be different
Rules of life I keep skipping them
Only to move on with this shortcut
Short lived and short coming of this self inflicted miss education
I’ve analyzed my behavior
And I find it disappointing like Owner of Oakland Raiders

I almost lost my train of thought
In the reality of the actuality
Of this same old song
Smoking out of a bong
Getting my high on
Till the crack of dawn
Triggering my morning yawn
I’ve been here more than two times before
With the same losing score

When it rains it storms
And pouring ain’t the half of it I use to laugh at this

But I don’t know what this is
So understanding is not yet present
Of course this would happen to me
Someone that just hit his thirties
Smoking away my honest living
Calling on mommy
For a place to lay my head
Of the Salvation Army
With the literally starving
I have nowhere to go so let’s chat on where I’ve been
and then we will have a complete picture on why I never win

Proverbs 31 (Beauty)

is what her name is
Breath taking
Heart quaking
Attention taking

one of a kind
always on my mind
so elegant
so divine
it must be a crime
to be so Godly fine
three sixty five
It’s her smile
That brightens up my life
like sunshine
It’s her eyes
that mesmerize…
like the sight
of a city skyline
Perfect Dime
is her Sign

She the type women
that your Dreams
have dreams of…
like Folgers in your cup
she is the best part of waking up
she is my favorite drug
selling all my stuff
so i can afford just a little bit
of her
she is my
1st and 15th
of the month
A women
that every man would
someone to kick it wit
during those
4th down punts

Good Conversation
Child like Imagination
with ah..
Curious Fascination
with Goals
and ah..
Specific Destination
she is adjacent to greatness
with a
God-like Patience

Warmth and Love
is the Atmosphere
she creates
she seeks The Will of The Father
unlike the Faithless
advising her children
on the narrow path
they should be taking
A virtuous women
is so amazing
moment spent with another
just time wasted

A Good Woman
is like a
Good Foundation
once again…

A Good Woman

is like


Good Foundation

that’s why the virtues
of a Proverbs 31 Women
are so contagious
and “Pure Beauty”
is what her name is

Her Name was Beautiful

she was flawless at first glance
A wonder
A once in a lifetime kind of chance
A woman that would compliment any man
Her name was Beautiful
Her two best friends
Innocence & Kindness
had in their minds
That they were going to hook up Beautiful with a good man this time
They first picked Handsome & friends
To go on a group date
Handsome was feeling Beautiful
So he brought his confident friends Pride & Arrogance
So they could entertain Kindness & Innocence
Pride wasn’t feeling Innocence
So they really didn’t click
And Kindness thought Arrogance
Was really kind of a dick
After a couple hours Kindness decided to leave
She couldn’t believe Handsome had friend like these
A week later…
Beautiful & Innocence met
With their childhood friend Low-Self Esteem
These three met Handsome & his posse
At a club called Bad Dreams
Pride loves Low-Self Esteem because she is easy to manipulate
And Innocence was fed up because Arrogance she could not tolerate
So Beautiful started asking Handsome questions
Which Pride wouldn’t allow him to answer
And Arrogance was over Innocence
So we know how that date went
Beautiful started to live with Low-Self Esteem after a couple months
The two of them were really hanging tough
And since she stopped kicking it with Innocence
These last couple of weeks
Beautiful made some enemies in Jealousy & Envy
Especially when she started dating Good-Looking
Beautiful knew that Jealousy
Really liked Good-Looking
But his friend Smooth Talker was charming Low-Self Esteem
So this gave Beautiful an idea to hook up Good-Looking’s cousin
Named Liar with her home girl she sees every couple months
Named Depression
But Depression was too promiscuous
She was fucking Liar and Bad Decisions
And she hung out with Second-Guessing
Who was sleeping with Bad Decisions friend Empty-Relationships
So since Beautiful was hanging with Low-Self Esteem, Depression and Second-Guessing
She became attracted to leader of Bad Decisions & Empty-Relationships
This cat named Conflict
Beautiful and Conflict got the attention of the Gang of Rumors
And their ringleader Two-Cents
Teaming up with Jealous & Envy
These three polluted the block with thick clouded Resentment
Beautiful can’t see pass her friends chosen mistakes
Wondering “is this all that is left for me?”
“Will I end up with a man like Liar who is now with my friend Low-Self Esteem
Or will I end up like my girl Depression?”
Oh how she loves misery & poor company
But only fucks with Bad-Decisions
Because Second-Guessing
Keeps going back to Empty-Relationships
Low-Self Esteem tells Beautiful she needs to put on make-up to impress Conflict
And Depression says “We need companionship
So I will sleep with Bad-Decisions
So you can stay with Conflict”
And the Gang of Rumors spread because Envy is dating Two-Cents
And Beautiful is now lost without her old friends
Kindness & Innocence
Because they are back home dating Simple’s friends
Simple tried to talk to Beautiful a long time ago
But Beautiful didn’t want Simple
She wanted more
She wanted the status quo
And Handsome had more muscles
She lost a good friend in Kindness
Because Kindness was smart enough to know
“You are who you hang around with the most”
And since Arrogance & Pride did nothing but brag & boast
Handsome had to be pretty damn close
She tried to introduce Beautiful to Simple
But she had already made her choice
Beautiful was her own women
She was strong and had her own voice
But Kindness knew Handsome was nothing but a boy
Innocence didn’t get it until her time with Arrogance
And without those two as her sounding board
Her future relationships were evident
The friends she hung with were her mirror’s reflection
Beautiful would settle for Conflict
Just because she hung out with Depression
Which brought on Second-Guessing, Bad-Decisions
And Empty-Relationship of degradation
For Beautiful to be happy she must mend her friendships
With Kindness & Innocence
So she can open her heart to a Simple man again
Whose best friends are Encouraging & Entertaining
All of them holding “the nice guy” brand
Simple reminds Beautiful she’s too gorgeous for all that make-up
That she’s way too perfect to settle for Conflict
And her friend Low-Self Esteem is the start of her problem
once she cut her off
Second-Guessing stop calling
And Depression just disappeared
All of a sudden Jealousy & Envy
Beautiful couldn’t hear
Beautiful fail in love with Simple
Because he encouraged her innocence and her kindness he entertained
He simply told her she was unmatched
That she be mounted in a frame
Her friends were Innocence & Kindness
But Beautiful was her name

High Horse Riding

By: DAM!Unique

On my high horse
riding thru the valley of uncertainty
gazing into the horizon following nature’s call
Giving life to all
stepping into fresh new terrain
days and nights
with my eye on the prize
mind on the promise of good times
once I reach
the feeling with grass underneath my feet
taking a breath of the sweet
scent of milk and honey
and everything lovely
because where I’m from
the concrete wreaks of partiality
of living life casually
while collecting debt passively
where waking up has become
the liability
hard to see
past the smoke screen
brought to you visually
every day of the week
the way of mediocrity has become main street
daring to be different
will only get you part of a hiring freeze
the status quo is the best way to go
keep your mouth close
and a clean nose
staying politically correct and total conventional
is a formula to becoming dead broke
kids looking at their inheritance like a bad joke
The rules of the Fed’s notes changed in ’74
Why do you think the interest rates can be so low??
(Just think how much has been borrowed)
read the timeline  of monetary history
the Roman Empire depicts it perfectly
same thing happen in mid-20th century Germany
 the lack of financial literacy
camouflaged the debauching of the currency
and currently
the lottery is played by those in poverty
going on EBT shopping sprees
while the elephants and donkeys arguing over foreign policy
and the failing economy  
becoming a worldwide dichotomy
Where the elected officials are the new kings of comedy
While the globe is in a recession
I keep on progressing
leaving the town of second guessing
finding real answers for my questions
time well invested
to enjoy time in the present
taking steps towards awareness
riding on a horse named Gregarious
controlling my fears staying relentless
carrying bolt cutters
to go thru the fences
prepared to build bridges
to travel over the  trenches
what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger
so bring on the resistance
because change only comes with diligent presistance
Giddy Up!

the hopeful realMANtic

By: DAM!unique

What am i suppose to do?
with this
easy to forgive
selfless part of me
that is so eager to give
a mid week gift
forehead kiss
mixed with passion & a dash of innocence
i often wonder
what do i suppose to do with this
so i don’t look so needy or desperate
do i
put up a series of test and questions
to see
who might qualify
or who fits the best
for my thoughtful expressions
or do I
let the eyes do the selecting
getting beauty misrepresented
by not looking pass skin deep
knowing me
i will get bored if the conversation isn’t mentality
but i must do something with these
words of encouragement
not just bury them beneath years of embarrassment
from countless years of rejection
because the nice guy never wins
i have to use this touch of nourishment
i got a massage that will wash away life’s turbulence
i can’t help but to use my ear to listen in
on how your day went
& how your free time was spent
what’s your biggest goal? your deepest wish?
what’s your darkest desire? the perfect gift?
my friends say I’m too sensitive
but correction
I’m a realMANtic
i have feelings that forces me to meet my partners
i believe if i stay proactive
she will never be unhappy
with a natural sense of humor
i will always keep her laughing
and with my strict attention to detail
i will have her forever climaxing
i ask again
 what am i suppose to do?
until the right one comes through
someone who can handle me being true
open and totally honest
one who can believe in this promise
i am a man with only one intention
to be with one women with spunk and ambition
a queen with a dream a goal a purpose a lofty vision
but what am i suppose to do?
when most women believe a good man is hard to find
but i stop counting how many times i tried
to approach a female just to attempt to say hi
just to get shot down and for them to roll they eyes
do you know what that does to my pride
i brush it off it’s because my wrist
don’t shine
or it’s because when i open my mouth
you say i sound white
now what am i suppose to do with these
22 weeks
of cooking classes
the only reason I’m even asking
is because delivering breakfast in bed is one of my passions
i have learned 33 ways to prepare pancakes
that will truly make her lips shake
after she finishes her plate
i can’t wait
to see how her lips taste
eating and munching right through her lace
got her hips trembling like 808 bass
swimming in her Cash Rules Everything Around Me
I’m a Bad Boy waiting for her Mase
if this were a cucci eating contest
I’d be in first place
i need to do something
with this raging sensation
but there are a few stipulations
she must be happy and have a hobby
excluding television and things like shopping
And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with TV and shopping
But there is more to life than
“TV and Shopping”
she must be independent and I’m not talking politics
but she must understand what executive orders are and what quantitative easing is
If not..
she’s always learning
her intelligence is forever increasing
because she always reading
always believing
in future achievements & double teaming
there are better days
ahead for two heads
of a chess game
well played
out of the comfort zone
we escape
foreign landscapes
to sitting
still in Chesapeake Lake
off in the horizon feeding each other grapes
about our past mistakes
because living with a endless amount of hugs
feels so great
euphoria is our constant
of mind
my greatest memory
will be our first time
so in tune with each other
our hearts beat at the same time
she will be my
at anytime
she will complete me
encourage me
to reach my peak
correct me
in my speech
anytime we would beef
i would lose sleep
because i would be
a hand written card asking
her to forgive me
with pop up letters and her favorite cartoon character in origami
because with her beside me
i feel nothing can stop me
she will be gentle kind hearted with a walk that is mean
because her 6 inch pump collection is every girls dream
she’ll make a brother want to double his salary
change tax brackets
but is there any women out there
worthy to have it
i want to give my heart away
but who will treat it right?
if you know of a dynamic women
please drop me a line

Creative Insanity

By: DAM!unique

Engaged into the pathways of extraordinary behaviors
Major league favors pass over the neighbors
only to rumble on these global media players
banking cartels are giving out all the orders
murders pile up on international boarders
Nickles sold for dimes
Dimes sold for quarters
The rich get enrichment
the poor get more disorders
prescribed prescriptions
knowing that they can’t afford’em
no wonder there are long lines
for super size fries
and a microwave life
millions sold on instant gratification
never putting in the time
for preparation
The top percent of the generation are some close friends of mine
the wisdom we get
expands over many lifetimes
the question that goes through our mind
is Why?
won’t they don’t get it
the information free
why haven’t they read it
A case of mental sickness
can’t even call the paramedics
My mentor told me “Don’t sign up for that class”
Paraphrasing: Homey don’t sweat it
So I’m
Courageously holding on to my blessing
From the everyday pourings
wide open
forever exploring
Eager to thank my source of joy
every single morning
piercing sunshine adapts to the shadowed room
feeling moments out of the womb
Eyes still consumed with imagines
recent dreams
laughter comes over me
divorcing me
from any notions
on another one
Cruising by on Cloud 9
packing my glass bong
Energizing the culture for fun
Casing the next joint to extract the funds
Capitalistic transactions
Monetizing the traffic
that comes
Giving away value up front
to reap on the back in
but I never got pass
this lofty introduction
Hypnotized by the break beat percussion
the topic of this poem is up for discussion
Any questions???
while I sift through the wreckage
of the predictability
of my
Creative Insanity

Guarded Heart

By: DAM!unique

To protect Him
we must erect a solid wall of defense
Don’t let anyone else in
We will not have a repeat of past passions
Hurry up…
Time is not our ally
He’s getting lonely…
Tired of waiting for the perfect one
Compromise is not an option

When He starts to leaking his feelings
we must stop Him
Don’t let anyone come close..again
We must stay in control
Oh no…
there one goes
Nice smile
unique style of clothes
His confidence level is still low
So this one We must approach slow
Watch for signs of attraction
…Here we go
First date
……. went straight
The second was better
the third one turned into overnight huggings
Leaving them both wanting….
but this is something this heart can’t afford

All systems go

shut down all “Acts of Service”
and any “Words of Affirmation”
pull back on the “Quality Time”
and the thinking of her too much
which will sabotage the natural desire of “Physical Touch”
LOL…thats only four…LOL
This is No Laughing Matter!!!
We have been crushed more than once
and it all starts when He falls in love
So we must put unreachable standards up
The heart doesn’t know what it really wants
even though she showed effort towards Him
We can’t get close
what if.. she’s
not the one
What if.. she
doesn’t keep her promise
what if.. she
finds someone more interesting
can we take the risk of being hurt again

just because she’s nice
the last one was nice
and it comes to no surprise
we know He falls in love with women who catch His eyes
and it comes to no surprise
His heart will go out to any women with a beautiful mind
Conversations of The current…the pass… and future times
So thats why….
we must stay on full alert
24/7 watching
out for any signs of emotion
or puppy love
If anyone gets in
it will be pure luck
There will be no slacking
Remember His high school crush

Intruder…Intruder Alert….Intruder…Intruder Alert

She must have come thru His spirit
emergency mayday mayday
man down man down
what happen???
we fooled Him
we thought we could hold back his feelings
but they were always there
We can’t help Him by installing fear
A hopeless romantic is what He sees in the mirror
He wants someone to love
He needs someone to love
We can’t keep His Heart Guarded!!!!


Let the lessons of love help Him grow up

the begin

By: DAM!unique

The Letters The Numbers The Phrases The Calculations

Make up The Basics

The Fundamentals The Essentials

The Foundation is monumental

The Step by Step is easy to do

At the same time easy not to do

The Principles are simply critical

To maximize today’s potential

Keeping to The Elemental Tempo

The First Rule is The Cornerstone

To staying out of the comfort zone

Practice and repeat The Elementary

Until mastery is active passively

Progressing through The Stages of Competency

Utilizing Tactics to develop Primary Strategies

The Threat of neglect is a single adversary

Bringing The Pain of regret

Those two should be married

Push pass The Norm

Study The Core

Until perfection is performed

Pay attention to The Storms

This is where the true lessons are learned

Record The Inspiring Words

To get strong it must hurt

Its Direct Action The Focused Work

On the letters numbers phrases calculations

Meditate on The basics

A Moment spent Applying is never time wasted

Late Night Passions

By: DAM!unique

Either I am crazy or there is someone
in some state of some perception
second guessing their late night passions
masking the hidden cravings
staging the psuedo-masterpiece
on landscapes of deception
closing the mind to the possiblities
of their true potential
Let me remind you a huge percentage
are still damaged
from the question unanswered
Anger covered by their laughter
moving on alone in a day unmastered
wishing for things to go faster
but time finds no rest
And we seem to settle for less of it
wasting it
like fifteen more to kill
seconds spill
out of the minute
once the the bullets of neglect hit it
punctures it
Wondering if
Wondering gets
me anywhere closer to my late night passion
What is a idea lacking action??
A seed of procrastination
A pass for waiting for the next station
but where do we get off????
Deciding tomorrow’s the jump off
we got it mixed up like rice pilaf
Life’s a big sea-saw….
without understanding leverage
you will be lost
and with every wind that blows
you will be tossed
and who fault is that???
Look in the mirror
and the answer is clear
This is your life and no one else to steer

You… to… your… late… night… passions


Before the Foundations

Do you know who you are? Do you have a clue of what you have been given?

Let me clear up somethings about yourself. You are more than just a person walking and breathing everyday. You were endowed with great power. There has been so much invested into your heart, mind and soul. There is a energy that exudes from your spirit that is irresistible. This truth will confuse the wisest of men. The educated will fight it’s simplicity and waste time to find holes in it’s Excellency. The truth remains rooted in your inheritance given to you before the foundations of the earth.

Predestined to be royalty.

A calling to be more than just ordinary but extraordinary. The game has been rigged in your favor so expect to win. Your legacy will shape generations.

There is nobody like you in the world today.

Nobody was your talents or your amazing capabilities. You were given something nobody can borrow, duplicate or steal. Your particular abilities are only part of the arsenal. Go ahead and acknowledge your unique and unprecedented good fortune.

You were predestined for greatness before the foundations of the earth.


By: DAM!unique

First time I saw her she was 18 and fresh out of High School

I was new to the small town a new fish in the pool

It took two weeks before I noticed her smile

Two months later we walked out the justice of peace proud

She was Mrs. Maxey a gift for any chick

Hard times came by and couldn’t handle it

Off to D.C. with her Big Brother C

It didn’t take weeks before she cheated on me


And since I was on house arrest

My self esteem couldn’t drop any less

So when she came back I gave her a second chance

Happy as can be

two kids loving vicerously

Hoping our love would get us through 2003

And when it did

We went looking for a crib

Settled for Summer Ridge Apartments

On our door step we found a kitten

We named her “Baby” she was as cute as a mitten

She invited her friends who happen to be all men

I had no reason to be worried because Im comfortable in my skin

She would visit Warner Robins to see her keen

After months of keeping her secrets

She confessed that she cheated on me again


Not once but multiple times

Her reason for doing it might be the dumbest of all

She said “How do I know you love me when you don’t get jealous at all”

I didn’t what to be like my parents

So divorce wasn’t an option

But she  was very promiscuous before I came in her life

And you can’t turn a hoe into a house wife

But I was dumb enough to try

So I gave myself to Christ and started to pray for my wife

Hoping she would come to realize

I was willing to pay the price

I would do anything even pay extra in tithes

We started to make progress we join a small married group

This is where I meet my best friend Zoel and John too

They both had godly women backing them

Through the thick and thin

Maybe they could rub off on my wife and they would be friends

Nothing really happen until I decided to go in

And get some real marriage counciling

After Weeks of denial from Pastors in charge

John and Steph rendered their hearts

They gave their all

in prayer they would ball

And all for nothing because my wife said “It was all my fault”


She said she was lonely so we made a kid

Things got to espensive so we got evicted

I worked full time at least 45 hours a week

When Malachi came I took the night shift so I didn’t sleep

I burnt myself out and John is my witness

Getting hit by that truck couldn’t take me out of this marital prison

After months of depression I wanted her to feel better

So we moved to Raleigh to be closer to her parents

On the border became my lifestyle fitness

The premise for every decision

But then came the winter

Looking back on why I never became winner

Smiles became my pretending

While trauma started to set in

My son started walking

And that when we stopped talking

The stress on my face was obvious

Backsliding into shots of Henn

Moved down to Georgia again

Against the Godly advice of a friend

And guess what it took less than a month for her to cheat on me again


Midnight Scene

By: DAM!unique

Bright lights loud music
High heels social skills
Emotions fill the hour
With horny dudes….
hoovering over decent women
Sitting chatting amongst themselves
Never catching eye contact
Can’t figure where their head’s at
But it would be nice in my lap
Speaking my mind might get me slapped
A doubled edged sword
A one way trap
For this new aged Mack
Hopefully I get a piece of
What I came here for
Showing my ID at the door
Hoping to score
No money to buy drinks
Don’t mean that I’m poor
What if her cucci stinks??
Isn’t that what we’re paying for??

Arts and Crafts

By: DAM!unique

Sketched in the walls
Downfalls of all kinds
Looking into the blinds
Light brown eyes
Free Spirit
Free Mind
In between
In a bind
Caught in a fight
A tug of war
Left and Right
Yesterday or
Present Time
Stuck on the Pass
The Arts and Crafts
Giving depth
Giving contrast
to the Value
I have to Add
A day to day task
Are U willing to Ask???
The hard questions
to get the hard facts
The forbidden proof
the ugly truth
the vicious preview…

….Stay tuned.


On My Droid

By: DAM!unique

Constant Thumb Movements
Illustrate the Internal Mind State
The Creative Peaks
The Mental Landscapes
that I call Home…
A Place where my Dreams are tucked away
Nicely from
Close Associates
And those other Negative Suggestions
Cultivated in the Daily Thoughts of Limitations
A Figment of The Imagination
Grown from the Seed of Procrastination
Patiently waiting…
On digital TV stations
Facebook Conversations
And the new Angry Birds application
This Fascination comes from Weeks of Frustrations
Standing in the Gap for a Generation
Ready to Die for what I believe in
Holding on to the Moments of Reason
Just to cherish The Season
That Pass
So Fast
I’m so Glad
I took Good Notes
Feeding my mind with Good Quotes

“Work harder on yourself, then you do on your job”
“Protect Your Garden like a Father and Nourish it like a Mom”
“Discipline your Disappointments… Think outside the Box”
“Control the Fear Stay Relentless… Ignore the Word “Stop!!!!!!”

15 Minutes to Live

I was born in 1980 /a san diego baby/ hatched from a womb one day late/ becuz with the outside world i refuse to relate/ my mom wanted a girl/ but her wish came with her bottom lip/ and with his father’s top

i came out running/ always racing something/ graduated high school in tustin/i left the west coast orange county long jump champion/ just to end up in atlanta, georgia/ i never lived so close to the forest

i smoked a lot a mary jane/ to ease the shock of the culture change/ more material to fill my page/ more bills  came with age/ deeply entrenched in the rat race/ living check to check day to day/ searching for a better way/one side said it would be better to wait/but thats the reason they live in the same state of faith/ neglecting self reflection in every way

so before i leave/ let me give you the best advice given to me

….”Work harder on yourself than you do on your J.O.B”…

..and Treasures are reserved for those who SEEK..

{So Seek!!!}

Unhappy Father’s Day

By: DAM!unique

I choose to be a man
but the car spoils my plans
now left in the hands
of the the handyman
crushed under the weight
of the fleeing dollars and cents
right before this month’s rent
all i want is time with my son
but times are hard
and it’s all becuz of this car
right when i thought i had it made
the engine wouldn’t budge this past sunday
only wondering… what the fuck
this shit sucks
what does God really want ???
becuz all I want 2 do is spend time with my son
i feel like the hurdles are being dropped in my path
and i’m not running fast
stuck with my past luck
and that’s not good for anyone
especially me
the bearer of bad memories
the master of tragedy
the human catastrophe
no wonder they laugh at me
and say to me:
“You’re black and you’ll never be what you wanna be..”
“A Good Daddy!!!”

if he only knew…

By: DAM!unique

while I wait to hit the stage
I see plenty of times
where I could of took the crowd by storm
easily when I perform
the eyes I discern
evidence of a different art form
right to the dance floor
no time to ignore
the vibe coming from the inside of a beautiful mind
angels fall three at a time
filling up the gates of lost abilities
and why does this keep happening to me??
sitting in my seat waiting for the mc to call me
its really unlikely since he’s never heard me
so he considers me unworthy
not informed of the brilliant story
behind this man
with some of the best cards in his hand
walking on the smart path
equipped with a smart staff
and mastermind to add
…homey can u fux with that!!!

It’s Been A Minute

By: DAM!unique

Its been a minute but i still wanna finish the little piece of information that i sketched in
…into the untangible space of each lesson
…introducing you to the presence of a unwritten message
…dancing on the edge of everything missing
…living a bad dream so i’m always fishing
…for the next big thing always wishing
… why does everything else look so much more tempting
…can’t pay rent so why pay attention
…to all the other voices that constantly throw in
… they own two cents in
…but never give in
…i keep it moving like used engines
…or new movie credits
…cool like a blizzard
…DAM It’s been a minute!!!!

Those that Wait…

By: DAM!unique

When we dream of success does it mean
we are sleep walking??’
Honestly I am asking a question because
I wake up everyday thinking of the future.

The today’s of yesterday don’t excite me
The tomorrow’s kinda bore me
And right now seems like the start of my story
Sometimes I wish I could of got started a little early
Dreams are what I have when I’m awake
And sleeping only happens when I don’t make
the steps I now I should take
Some folks would call those “Mistakes”
But those are the folks that wait
And are still waiting

If one has a fear to make a mistake and waits
The education from that mistake will be delayed
If one has a fear and stares it in the face
that one adds value to the soul and ground is made
Only the strong survive and the weak face defeat
If your dream is big enough “Why did you retreat?”
Back to your comfort zone taking everyone’s advice
“Obey your thrist” start taking advice from Sprite
God gives me thoughts that are way too cool to come true
But everyday He gives me another clue
proving to me that it’s really something He wants me to do
Some of my dreams make no sense at all
but I didn’t make them up
just like I didn’t make the earth a floating-rotating ball
One day I will realize my life was more than just dreaming
only to find out that I wasn’t the One that was doing the dreaming
Predestined from the beginning
to live life to the fullest
not to wandering to a job living life so clueless
Most people ask “What is my purpose?”
those that wait for the answer…
Are Still waiting.

Re-Invention Notebook

By: DAM!unique

On the back cover
Displaying how I’m a verbal lover
Too much talent 2 hold in
So I zone in and home in
On any opponent
with contradicting emotions
Isolating figure eights
In my clearest mental state
After five days of deliberate wake and bakes
My habits are up for decision
Up for debate
The more blunts I smoke
The more time I waste
I was wondering why money never stayed
To pay my way thru the hamster wheel
Of late bills
I am running my last lap in this rat race
No matter if I come in last place
I’m on a great pace
on the fast track to self made wealth
I can care less about the cards I was dealt
Someone had it worst
And now I’m able to quench the inner thirst
Of making money work
For me like a slave
And money has no choice but to obey
Passively increasing drastically appreciate-
Wisdom and faith put together
Is practically amaze-
Like 6 months of saving
A solid foundation never shaking pavement
From where I’m standing
Big leaps I’m taking
Always planning big trips on vacation
Making big moves in the direction of daily dreaming
Picture so vivid
I can actually live it
As a man thinketh is metaphysics
The fear of success my son will never inherit
Any challenge he will dare it
And stare it in the face like David did Goliath
Something you wouldn’t call surprising

Nu & Improved

By: DAM!unique


Under-devolped fella
trying so hard to not seem jealous
of the over-developed
skeleton structure
182.4 mill for 7 years
and I only want one half
for one year
five hundred thousand calms
homey you do the math!!!!

My Master Piece

Inches too short of the goal
how does this plan magically unfold
when mad time was put in
to create the untold
mastery is in my reach
I gradually rise like heat
mastering every opportunity
laid at my feet
unmasking masterful skills
that were learned in the field
of mastering peace

Get Up!!!

While my ex-life isn’t answering me
I sleep
under dark sheets
of depressing weeks
escaping my reality
in reality t.v.
only temporarily
because the 97% percent mentality scares me
20 hours weekly
in front of the media frenzy
that’s a part time job
I feel it’s a waste of time to be entertained by so many sitcoms

Wake Up

Dont worry… I’m here to wake you up

We all seem to complain and find fault
with every little effect
that doesn’t meet our personal
or individual agenda
we end up not appreciating the moments
of breathing fresh air
or beholding fresh spring blooms
privy to our perfect atmosphere
the wasted days leave stains on privileged life spans
filled with empty reasons
not to be happy
or joyful
pointing out
everything that could would should be wrong
singing the same sad song
hoping to find someone to
sing along
because misery
loves company
clinging to the common thoughts that confirm the insanity
of mental fuckery
I am so confused by the troubled youth
and the medias portrayal of black and brown dudes
who unknowingly misuse
the opportunity avenues
and the on ramps to
helpful information
only to enroll in the class of
to parole or probation
pass the discrimination rate
stuck in the gray
lines of the law
like the hossier state
freedom to serve based
on religious faith
this should be old news but
still up for debate
black white brown asian or gay
we all have 24 hours of the day
so why can’t we all behave the same
ego and self gratification gets in the way
and believe me when I say
the common sense class majority of people didn’t take
the attention to detail was not paid
so the unconscious incompetent stage
is where they stay
You know:
not Knowing that you don’t know
naive and un-aware of the obvious
to the common but unpracticed
that make life worth while
and adventurous

Someone must shake them up
throw water on them to try wake them up

they must be sleep
to live the American dream
they must really think
it is what really seems
to realize the peace
you must attain a degree
from lies that are told
through the authors of history
I am the voice that cry’s in the silent nights of misery
I want my piece of the pie
instead of this bottle of Hennessy
i want the truth not the lies
of what really happen to Kennedy
i want the truth not a lie
of today’s puppet-master’s true identity
but the media repeatedly
throws up a smoke screen
Themes filled with celebrity pregnancies
and local field nigga causalities
stories of any means
to conventional crimes and themes
common times into nightly
must see TV
how to get away with murder becomes the scandal between
the blacks and the whites true gray anatomy
still with nothing on
the masses flick frantically
through hundreds of three letter acronyms trying to find reality
only to be stuck in the insanity
of humanity
entertained by human tragedy
and natural calamity
and we all must play a role this gnarly
dark comedy
hard to to see
while perpetually
staring at your eye lids
and a lullaby sense

of today’s daily gifts

called seconds and minutes
not fully understood by men and women
they spend them
like raffle tickets
and gift certificates
not to understand their true value you will never reap the benefits
like they say around the way

you don’t know wat da biznness is

you get what you get
cant complain about what you finish with
because results always reflect the hours you decided to fit in
cause and effect
ain’t nothing change but the rent
the more that you sit
the less you get
the more that you risk
the more you get rich
it seems to me this would be common sense
but as we already know common sense isn’t always common practice
it would be cataclysmic
not to implement the obvious
but obviously
the American dreamer is still asleep